Mark Marx Vain Vocalist

Mark Marx

Lead Vocalist

Whilst still loving his classic tunes, Mark has developed a liking for the heavier side of rock and is often spotted at festivals around the U.K.

For the lead vocalist and front-man of Vain, International finance is the order of the day.

In tune with Mick Jagger, lots of running keep him stage ready.

Rusty Blade - Vain Guitarist, Backing Vocalist

Rusty Blade

guitar, backing vocals

Moving to his ancestral homeland, Rusty has proudly grown his business and his family.

Rusty loves adding classic guitars to his growing collection and is regularly playing out with his band ‘Raising Bail’,

Rusty has the second longest trip to make ’Vain - The Return’ happen.

Razor Sharpe - Vane Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

Razor Sharpe

Lead Guitar, Backing vocals

Razor has shared the stage with the best in the business on a guitar journey that’s taken him from Rock to Flamenco and back.

Away from guitars, he is extensively involved in art and design & mountain biking.


Sam ari

Bass Guitar

Sam, the Bassman loves his German Supercars, world travel and packs his snowboard.

This ex-competitive martial artist now works in security services.


Micky Day


After University, Micky worked for the most prestigious car maker in the world (yes, that one, the one the Queen likes;), before heading off, with his young family to new challenges and opportunities in America.

The beating heart of Vain, he is also ‘Doctor’ Micky, when we’re being formal.